J. Kevi Group Fiji Engineering & Golf Cart Service

J. Kevi Group is a locally owned business firm that has grown through great potential success. The two major field it ventures into is Engineering and Tourism Golf Industries. We have been part of the industry for over a quarter of a century and can boast experience and quality in our finished products.


The Engineering of the J. Kevi Group of companies was created to provide the best solution in the new age of Hospitality industry. From stainless steel to aluminium and copper works as well as not forgetting machining and fittings.

E-Z-GO Golf Carts

We are the first and exclusive company in the Pacific islands with renowned international golf cart brands like EZGO, Cushman and Badboy in the golf and hospitality industry.

Turf Machines

We are proud to be the number one service provider for turf machines in the Pacific Islands and are committed to providing superior quality turf and cart maintenance and agriculture equipment to the people of Fiji.

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

We sketch out to all mercantile, domestic & state sector projects along with installation, servicing and repairing at any level.